About Dimples

In 2005, while pregnant with my first kids, twins no less, I (Cindy) was always on the hunt for fun and unique baby accessories in anticipation of my new arrivals. Finding that I constantly had to run to Manhattan and even then to multiple stores to pick up hair accessories, fun patterned blankets and tons of personalized items (who doesn't love personalized items?), I knew there had to be a better solution.

In 2006, after Erin and Kayla were born, and I decided to take the leap and open and baby and accessories boutique modeled after the many shops that I had visited and which inspired me while pregnant. Once the ideal location was found in the heart of Cedarhurst, which at that time only offered Baby Gap as a local gifting option, a name was needed! Staring at Kayla and her tremendous D-I-M-P-L-E-S the name was obvious and Dimples was born.

Ever since those days, I has been on the hunt for unique, fun and creative baby/toddler gifts and accessories (and even older for big brother/big sister) and continues to stock the store regularly with both "name brands" such as Angel Dear, Boogie Baby, Sophie the Giraffe (the list is tremendous) as well as local vendors who make many of our hair accessories, shadow boxes and so much more. Not everything is personalized or needs to be personalized, but again who does not love personalized items!!!

If you are ever in Cedarhurst, make sure to stop by our physical store located at 554 Central Avenue and if you need a virtual tour, give us a call at 516-792-3290 or email us at Sales@DimplesShop.com and we will make it happen. If you have a product idea or recommendation reach out to us as well.

Happy Shopping!