Shipping Times by Items

This our most up to date list of turnaround/shipping times by items on our website. If you do not see the item you ordered on this list and need more information, please email us at

Item Shipping/Turnaround Time
Boogie Baby Blankets/Towels Ship to our store within 6-10 weeks, at which time they are inspected, wrapped and shipped to our customers and TOTALLY worth the wait!
Mint Sweet Little Things Backpacks, Duffles, Lunch Bags, Lizzie Totes Ship within 5-7 Days
Personalized Angel Dear Lovies, Napping Blankets, Pillows Ship within 5-7 Days
Tie Dye Sweatshirts Made to order and can take up to 2 weeks (however they usually ship within 3-5 days)
Reclining Chairs

Ship within 3-4 Weeks

*Cannot be gift wrapped, unless you select LOCAL Delivery in the areas we deliver.

Tree By Kerri Lee

Ship within 4-5 Weeks

Boca Baby Bibs

Ship within 4-5 Weeks